Best Free Video Players Apps for Android Mobile Phones

If you are an Android based handset user, you are sure hold you phone close to you heart at all times and enjoy it’s company more than anything else. The features that come with Android are not really offered by the other operating systems in the market. There are certain issues that come along with handsets and the most common among these is that the music player of the handset that you are using may not support certain file formats. This is not an issue anymore as there are a number of android video players that that play all formats. Here is a list of the best video players for Android mobile phones.

VPlayer Pro

This avi video player, Android, is a good choice for you, in case you want the latest video player in the Android market. The player has awesome features and the entire feel of it is simple, yet classic. The player can play music and videos straight from your memory card as well as from the internet. The player comes with a seven day free trial after which you will have to purchase it, in case you want to use it for your handset.


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YouTube app

YouTube app is not new in the Android market. It is infact, one of the most used players for Android. The app has received certain updates which has added to its fineness and the most interesting feature that it now has, is the in-page playback. Using the app is the easiest thing as we are all more than familiar with the functioning of the corresponding site.

Mobo Player

HD video player, android, is the least that we expect these days and the Mobo Player is everything beyond your imagination. The player needs to be paid for, but there is a free version that is available for download. This version has certain interruptions in the form of ads, but if you can put up with that, this is debatably the best mp4 video player, Android presently has.

VLC Media Player

The player for Android handsets is simply great. There are features galore and these features are hard to find in the other player. You have the freedom to search for media files that are present in your computer, from the handset itself and play them there only. The phone will become a makeshift remote that is complete will all the controls that are needed to run the player.

arcMedia player

This is one of the lesser known media players, but it is a splendid one. It has simple features, but the main attraction of this player is that it has the capability of supporting all the common file formats in which media files are created and stored. The user interface is lucid and interactive.
These are the best video players for Android mobile phones that are currently available. Each of them has something unique that makes it stand out from the rest and you can choose any one of them keeping your needs in mind.


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