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According to Statista 2022, 63% of Internet users in America have a negative view of online advertising. Of those, 1 in 4 use ad-blocking and spam-blocking software. Today we”re going to talk about a popular service called AWAX. It”s an ad blocker that removes marketing inserts and improves your online privacy with a built-in VPN.

By the way, many advertisers are actively fighting ad blockers and even sue them, claiming that such services work “outside the law.” But the lawyers to the question “are ad blockers legal?” give an unambiguous, affirmative answer. So you can safely use programs to block ads from loading.

How to get rid of ads with AWAX?

You need to install a blocker to remove bothersome ads in browsers, mobile games, and other apps. It is easy enough to run; you only need to perform 3 steps.

Step 1: Download

How to Block Ads and where to find the AWAX app? Service is available on Google Play and App Store. You will find it through the search bar of the store. The service has a free trial period of 7 days. You can then subscribe.

Step 2: Install

Once the app is downloaded, it will install on your phone automatically. There is also an option to install from the package. It takes a little longer, but there”s no hassle there either:

  • Find the app in your phone”s “Downloads” or use “File Manager.”
  • Open the file and install it.
  • Run AWAX and follow the instructions.

The service will then activate and protect your phone from ads as well as online trackers on websites.

Step 3: Purchase a subscription

In order to do this, you need to register on the official website. Then choose the appropriate subscription period in “Purchases” section; there are 3 options to choose from. You can pay by Visa/Mastercard or PayPal. Or you can subscribe directly in the app in the “License Status” section.

How ad blocking works?

After activation, AWAX begins to filter all data coming to the device from the Internet with its algorithms. It recognizes “harmful” content and stops it from loading. It helps remove ads in your browser, YouTube, or mobile games. What does ad blocking do for your phone? The service works on your smartphone to increase performance, increase app download speeds, and save traffic. Also, AWAX has a built-in VPN-server, which blocks any attempts of tracking programs to know your location and any actions in the network.


We learned how blockers work on smartphones. And we also figured out how to quickly and easily protect yourself from irritating ad attacks. It”s enough to download the proven multitasking service AWAX, and you will forget what popups and banners are!


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