Top 5 Home Improvement Apps for Android Smartphones

From nice little touch to your house interior as well as roofing or if you want to make major renovations, you could do that with few little ideas and DIY tips all by yourself. In current time, smartphones are the best ‘it-knows-everything’ device we have and thanks to Google for making Android smartphones so popular and widespread globally. With the help of home improvement apps like the 5 mentioned here; one can simply give their home nice touches of improvement.

Handy Construction Calculators

Calculators are absolutely necessity for any sort of renovation or construction work. Especially, unit conversion is needed very often for precise placement; e.g. a new wall closet into an empty wall or maybe placing a new furniture into a corner, or drilling a TV mount on the wall for your flat screen TV. Whatever be the reason, one could rely on Handy Construction Calculator. This app is available in Google Play Store for $4.99. The price is worth the functionality.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Looking for innovative ideas to redecorate your house? You could try HouzzInterior Design Ideasfor this purpose; as it is often titled as the Wiki for household decoration and improvement. There are nearly millions of very high resolution photo that will surely provide with some excellent house improvement idea. A user can search for photos using room type, size, style etc. Also, a personal archive may be created.


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Floor Plan Creator

Floor Plan Creator takes a user back to the pen and paper era where you can draw your ideas on a paper – not literally, a display in this case. As you realize, this app requires a device with a stylus or active digital pen. Samsung Galaxy Note devices are the best suited smartphones for this app; however other devices with a stylus would also do.

DIY Remodel Cost Calculator

People who are living in the North American region could have an estimated cost description by inputting the type of remodel or decoration they are planning to put on their household into this app. However, people from other region could have an idea as well; later on they may simply convert $ price into their own respective currency. Accurate price is provided; user can define material quality and quantity.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot is an American chain for household decoration and improvement materials. However, this app may not be very useful for people outside North America, but a comprehensive idea on what’s trending could be achieved. Also, users will have an idea on the pricing no matter where they reside. There are plenty of tips and tricks which everyone will need.


These five apps are intended for smartphones, but they run pretty well on tablets as well.


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