4 Major Reason your Android Mobile phone Performs poorly

Though it said that your android mobile phone function perfectly in way that nearly compete with your laptops and desktop in functionality but that does not give utmost reason for you to make use of your android mobile just as you make use of your laptops, your androids mobile has its own limitation which only can be controlled by the way you make use of the device. A very common aspect of an android mobile phone limitation is the part where after sometimes of purchases and installing some applications on your phone, you experience a slow performance in respond speed of the mobile phone or on occasion your phone keeps hanging unnecessary. Is that also happening to your own android mobile phone? If so, there are some many things that could warrant this action on your mobile phone and part of them will be discussed here on this write-up.

Underground running application

There’re some applications that run underneath the background of your android device, application like this are not only affecting the respond speed of your android mobile phone but also drain the battery life span of the phone. When application are left running on your android mobile phone, and you are trying to do something else on the phone, there’s every possibility of you experiencing difficulty on the mobile phone, the best you could do is look for those application that are still running on your mobile and find a way to switch them off to prevent your phone from hanging and slowing down in respond

Heavy animated wall paper

Optimizing your home screen with low and light animated wall paper will help your android phone operate in a smooth and steady manner without resulting to hanging unnecessary or delaying the response speed of the task you’re running on the phone. Heavy animated home screen consume a large part of the android CPU and thus when other application is been run on it, they share from the view memory space the large animated wall paper left, in other words, running a heavy animated wall paper on your android device delay the response speed of your mobile phone.


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Old default browser

Don’t be surprised to hear that your default browser could also be a part to a slow respond speed on your android mobile, the browser on android device are consequently renewed for an advance version of the browser, in other word, if you have a browser that has been outdated and you didn’t make provision to upgrading the browser to the latest version in town, your android mobile device could perform in a way lower to your peers that have the latest version of browser or the latest version of the android mobile

Over loaded memory space

Due to experience, loading your memory space with lots of files and application could make your android mobile device hang unnecessary, it is advice you free your android device memory space in other to get better enjoyment of your mobile phone. Though you may be given huge memory space to save files and application on your phone but that doesn’t really matter, what truly matter to stopping your phone from hanging or low respond is due to the amount of RAM processor you’re having, if the amount of RAM processor you have is minimal to the memory space given then, you should be careful as to the number of files your memory should be taking.


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