5 Popular Android Apps for Home Improvement

In this era of smartphones, there’s an app for almost every possible task. Home improvement is one major sector where implementation of smartphone apps can make life lot easier and convenient; and that’s happening these days. People love using apps to get their tasks accomplished, and here are few apps that could help with home improvement.


iFixIt provides basic level fixing and repair guide; it’s a very helpful DIY app. Things often break down in a household and not all repairs require professional touch. Things that you can do by yourself, should be done by yourself to cut costs. iFixIt could provide someone with comprehensive guide on how to fix something using photos and videos.


For iOS users, SnapGuide could be perfect DIY companion to improve a home setup. There are plenty of online projects, recipes, manuals and interactive guides that can guide one through any creative process they are willing to participate in. The topics range from creative stuff like arts & crafts to necessity like automotive repairs etc. There’s no Android version, though.


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iHandy Carpenter

Drawing a line or keeping something exactly horizontally on some surface would require a set of tools. A bubble level bar helps most; the technique is very simple yet the functionality it offers is truly much. Using the iPhone sensors, iHandy Carpenter offers the same feature. Centering the bubble makes the surface exactly flat to the ground. This app costs $1.99.

Handyman Calculator

Handyman Calculator includes a lot of calculation and conversion which might be required during a house restoration or stylization job. There are plenty of units that differ from region to region and for accurate measurement, conversion is very often required. Handyman Calculator is a free Android app and it offers nearly all common conversions. Even few complicated calculation such as oil drilling pressure machine, density calculation, arc length etc. are possible.


MagicPlan is almost like a virtual reality, but not really. Making plan often requires exact visualization which isn’t possible on papers unless you are a really great drawing artist. But such planning could always be done at ease with MagicPlan. Here, a user can simply take a picture and draw elements on the picture. Say, you would want to place a new furniture somewhere at your home or hang a new light shade from the roofing; and you would like to see how it fits into that space. Just place it in and you’re nearly done!


Smartphones have made life lot easier than it ever used to be. The experience might differ on display size, a large screen tablet device would serve the purpose better than tiny smartphone displays.


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