Create Android Ringtones with these Ringtone Making Apps.

Everyone with a Smartphone likes to keep a unique ringtone on their devices. Every person wants a ringtone that attracts attention of the people. So they try new methods to find a ringtone that will be unique. Whenever you listen to a song, it may be that you like a particular section of the song very much and might be interested in setting that section as your Android phone’s ringtone. Now that there are many people working on many apps, you now have a chance to create your own ringtone from the song itself.

If you have an Android device then you can easily create ringtones from the songs with the different ringtone making apps available. Below are some of the apps that you can use to create your own ringtone.

Not only can you cut a portion of a song and make it in a ringtone, you can also increase the volume of the song and also add the fade in and out effect.

So here are the best 3 Android ringtone maker apps that you can use to create your own custom Android ringtones.

Big Bang Ringtone Maker

The Ringtone Maker from the Big Bang Inc. is a great and decent ringtone making app that’s available for an Android phone. Ringtone Maker allows you to sort the songs in the music library via the Artist name or the Album name for the ease of use.


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It has some great features that will help you increase the volume of the ringtone, customizable fade-in/out time and also allows you to assign the ringtones to some particular contact.

Ringtone Architect

Those who want an app with some great advanced features, then this one will be the best bet for them. The Ringtone Architect app is all what such people need. The Android app covers all the basics of the MP3 Ringtone Maker and also adds some unique features to enhance the ringtones.

The customizable fade-in/out time, the ability to adjust the volume of the ringtone and also it allows you to assign the ringtone to any contacts you want. It’s a simple and a pretty good UI. IF you want to go for the Pro version, then it won’t add any extra functionality but will only remove the advertisements.

Mobile 17 Ringtone Maker

There is another great ringtone maker present in the Android Market, the Mobile 17 Ringtone Maker. Unlike any other ringtone making app, the Mobile 17 ringtone maker matches the user’s song selection to the online database.

If the selected song is present in the database, or any particular edits/ringtones are present, then it shows it to the user and they can directly download it from there. A person can directly download the ringtone and use it on his Android device. It will save time but if you want to create your own custom ringtone then just skip this step and create your own ringtone.

So, the above mentioned apps will help you to create android ringtones. I hope you liked them.


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