Top 4 video editing apps for android

I used to watch many people recording videos using their own Mobile phones which will let them to save many of their sweet memories and even i used to do the same. These days with the advancement of technology hundreds of mobiles are coming out in to the market with good video recording quality, few of them are even costly to afford. But you need not go for such costly mobiles…! Using few video amazing Android mobile apps you can turn some normal videos into awesome ones. . ! This article will let you to know about the video Editing apps for the android which are easy to use. Check them out

1. Clesh Video Editor

Clesh is cloud based awesome video editing application which will let to create some interesting edits my combining images and videos. Just with a bit of knowledge on video editing any one can use it without any problem. All the tools will be professional and works seamlessly over the cloud. If you have any doubts while using it you can get direct chat support which is incredibly helpful. Its features include slow-motion effects, auto colour correction, matrix-style and lot more things. If once you went through all the features and became familiar with them then you can just explore a new world of editing on your mobile..!


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2. VidTrim Pro

Using Video Trim Pro you can edit and share the videos effortlessly. You can have lots of fun with this application while editing videos. You can even frame and encode the videos as your wish, Encode in the sense that you can resize the images compress them as you likes and this are unique features which can’t be found in many other videos editing android apps. This is lot more easily to use than the Clesh video editor.

3. VideoCam Illusion

The most interesting and unique feature of this application is, this will let you to add effects even while you are shooting the video, So that you can edit the video in real time. This will be really very useful to the people who want to add effects while recording the video. By combining the masks, filters and effects you can create some mind blowing videos.

4. Snip Video Trimmer

Many of us used to upload videos on many social networking sites like facebook to share with our friends, but it won’t be good enough if we upload it without trimming it. This application will be extremely useful to everyone for getting a better video with smaller size too.

I think these apps will definitely suite your needs in editing videos using your android smart phone, If not you can comment below about your problem so that we can take your burden and will clear your doubts.


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